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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 5, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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one palestinian is killed and more than 180 others injured as israeli police use live ammunition during clashes in the west bank. a medical charity inquiry into the killing of 22 staff anden patients at a hospital in afghanistan. mark hannah has more now
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from jerusalem. >>reporter: there's been a series of clashes throughout the occupied west bank in the course of this course of violence. there are particularly heated clashes between palestinian and israeli police.
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in jerusalem, there's been clashes throughout the evening in and around the old city. so certainly the tension showing no signs of easing. as you mentioned, benjamin netanyahu returning from the eyes introducing a series of punitive measures. whether they do anything to dampen the situation will become apparent over the next 24 hours. the situation within the old city and access to the old city and the compound has been
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those who are able to escape kunduz are concerned about neighbors and relatives left behind. >> there's no doctor, no medicine, no treatment in kunduz. there's nobody to help take away their dead bodies if they're killed. >>reporter: a hospital operated by doctors without borders was hit by an apparent u.s. air strike yesterday. >> we still have no explanation why this attack happened. a very precise attack on our hospital, very well known and well marked hospital. clearly without any taliban inside that hospital. >>reporter: doctors without borders has denied an afghan interior ministry statement that fighters were fighting from inside the hospital. several aid agency staff and patients were killed. some patients are said to have
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been befriend to death in their -- burnt to death in their beds. the pentagon has owned an investigation. >> determination as far as the united states is concerned and our forces that we be fully transparent about our investigation and hold accountable if there is someone to be accountable, anybody responsible for doing something they should not have done. >>reporter: the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says an air strike on a hospital may amount to a war crime. the hospital had at least 200 patients. doctors without boarders has now pulled out of kunduz and patients have been taken to the main province hospital which has run out of medical supplies. their one doctor and three nurses are now overrun with 500
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patients. i think they have no choice but to assist the afghan security forces that didn't fight how they should. i think they have to be careful about air power because as we've seen it's hard to tell who's what and where before they do it. but i do think they can send some of the special forces up there to work with the afghan security forces. >> the question is who are they loyal to? the government of kunduz or the local police there who act a lot like bandits. what do they think about the afghan government. are they more concerned about
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their tribe. the government doesn't seem to have a defense minister yet. the taliban do not have the training and equipment but they're motivated and that's the real problem, they have to be motivated and willing to fight and die for the afghan society. >> there's no doubt about the fact that in a heavily populated area, putting air strikes in, not only killing innocent civilians, but you can turn the people against you by doing this and of course hitting doctors without borders, you have the people from the u.n. say that could be a war crime. >> in syria, reports suggest isil has destroyed the famed arc of tribes seen in this file footage. sources confirm that the 2,000 year old relic has blown up.
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>> russian fighter jets are targeting training camps, command posts, and munitions depots. attackers have been in the country side and in hams province. the syrian observatory for human rights says the strikes have injured civilians and targeted rebel groups with no links to isil. the president of syria has told iranian tv that his country is in a coalition coalition with russia, iran, and iraq and together they'll be isil.
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>>reporter: it's the first time we're hearing from the president of syria since russia's aerial campaign began. a very confident president. at the end of the day the russian intervention has given him much-needed military and political support. the syrian president saying that the new coalition, the russian, iran, iraqi coalition will succeed and appealing to other countries to join this coalition. a very confident syrian president. its ally russia carrying out yet more air strikes. but what we understand from the russian defense ministry is that they hit a number of isil targets raising a question that where they've hit is not an aceal strong hold.
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what we're seeing is an arc around the regime strong hold and as of late, rebels were advancing towards that stronghold and now we're seeing russian air strikes which will undoubtedly protect the strategic areas so questions are being asked about russia's motives. the president calling on other nations to join the coalition. in fact, even criticizing the u.s.-led coalition saying it's done nothing on the ground. and the opposition now saying they're not interested in joining the latest u.n. peace initiative. we're back at square one. no doubt the russian
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intervention has complicated an already difficult and complex situation in
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other is we did not manage to achieve a majority in parliament as we'd wished for. i fully respect the decision of the portuguese people. coming up, the retreat. coming up after the break. >> if you had taken steps when a man was assaulted,
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maybe freddie gray didn't have to die. >> is there still a blue wall of silence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines baltimore rising only on al jazeera america
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>> israeli security forces have been conducting raids in the area in recent days >> taliban fighters have retaken control of kunduz after driving out afghan troops. the u.s. defense secretary has promised a full investigation into the bombing of the coupe dues hospital that killed 22 people russia has carried out air strikes against isil in syria for a fifth day. monitoring groups say the strikes have largely targeted other syrian rebel groups >> malaysia's currency has hit its lowest level against did u.s. dollar in 17 years.
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in three months, it's dropped 13%. it is at 4.41 against the u.s. dollar but it is not the only asian currency to fall. singapore's dollar hit a low level as well as the thai dollar. there's a host of factors driving malaysian money down including the oil crisis, and a financial scandal involving the prime minister. she sources and packages gift to give to their clients known as corporate gifting. many products are quoted in u.s. dollars. the local currency is making her business tougher. >> i've canceled the order from
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my client. hi to cancel a p.o. because back in july the rate was below 4. and just less than one and a half months, it went up to about 4.2. i can't cover my costs now. an economic slowdown in china, malaysia's largest trading partner, and a slump in the price of oil which it exports are contributing to the decline. foreign investors the world over with pulling out from world markets such as malaysia because of global growth concerns.
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>> there's so many variables such as the federal reserve, political situations. it's so absurd that nobody knows. >> she knows times are tough. clients have cut orders telling her they're cutting costs. no one can say for sure how long this period of economic turmoil will last four people have been killed since a typhoon has hit china. parts of if region have been left without power and water
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supplies. north korea says it will release a south korean student. it's said he crossed the border illegally. before we get into the significance of his release, who is ju? what was his motive for being in north korea at that time? >> still to some extent unclear. it's a 21-year-old south korean student but a permanent u.s. resident and a student at new york university. in april this year he crossed into north korea from china. a few days ago, he's publicly admitted that he did so illegally. obviously many of these press conferences are held it's not conspirely clear whether the words -- entirely said are
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actually the words of the captives. however, that's what he said. he has spoken previously during his captivity captivity and said he hopes there will be a big event prompted by his voluntary ingression into north korea. he said he wanted to promote some kind of inter-korean relationship building by doing this. he has instead been held captive. now it seems he will be released. it will south korean side have told us they're expecting to receive him right on the border between north and south korea in the demilitarized zone at 5:30 local time. 8:30 gmt. >> how significant is it that
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he's being released? >> they have released such prisoners in the past so it's not entirely unprecedented. the timing
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the world bank says the number of people living in extreme poverty around the world will fall to less than 10% of
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the population. this is an all-time first. the bank says it was using a new income figure of $1.90 a day to define extreme
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>> the platforms are owned by mersk oil and for five years they've been researching this annual arrival. >> the plan right now is to get our equipment ready and get this satellite tag going. we want to know where the
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females are going and where they give birth. hopefully the tags can tell us that. from the surface it's impress i have. from below, it's just astonishing. the sharks come here, mouths agape sucking in invisible eggs. the question is what draws them to what is thought to be so hot for such biodiversity. >> we think the secret is the currents. maybe also the platforms. >> the platforms have turned into artificial reefs which attract species that would not otherwise live here. >> it's a unique place to see whale sharks. you haven't got the influence of people being in the water with them at the same time. there are no other aggregations.
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back at the oil laboratories, the scientists continually monitor signals put out by the tags. >> they're still around the platforms and then we still have four females that are tagged. it's going be real exciting to see what they do next. hopefully they'll go on a long journey and, you know, reveal where they actually give birth to their young. it is an unlikely sight in the heart of an oil and gas field. soon whale sharks will disappear for the winter to return next april. the natural wonder that only goes to demonstrate how important it is to look after the oceans of the world. nick clark, al jazeera, the arabian gulf.
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nasa has up loaded more than 8,000 photographs taken by apollo astronauts in the 60s and 70s. the photos can be viewed online. we might not be able to solve the whole debate but there is something we can do. i'm ali velshi. this is third rail. russian intervention in syria's civil war is providing a fresh life line for bashar al assad's brutal regime. >> we think it's an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government


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